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What Is Sales Comp?

"Sales Comp" is an abbreviation for sales compensation. Sales compensation includes both monetary and non-monetary rewards provided to sales professionals. A sales compensation program governs these rewards.  At the core of a sales compensation program are the sales compensation plans, the main tool used to compensate sales teams for driving sales.

Why Is Sales Comp Important?

The way you structure your sales compensation plans will either motivate or demotivate sales teams in producing revenue. A solid understanding of best practices in sales comp will benefit you, your business and your sales team.  The importance of the sales compensation plans can't be overstated – they are the backbone of your strategy, providing transparency and setting clear expectations.

How Can We Help You?

Whether you're new to sales comp or have some experience in sales comp, discover our options below to create or enhance your sales compensation program:


Design & Create

Your Own Sales Compensation Plans

A complete, step-by-step, self-paced sales compensation training course created to assist you in designing & implementing your own sales compensation plans.

Manage & Grow

With An Experienced Consultant

Partner with an experienced sales comp consultant to create new incentive plans or assist you in determining, and solving, gaps in your sales comp program.

Popular Course

Introduction To Sales Compensation Plan Creation

A guided sales comp training course that teaches the foundations of sales compensation plan creation.  You will learn how to craft plans that motivate behaviors and lead to results. In addition to the course, you will gain access to downloadable sales compensation tools, resources and examples for plan creation.



Dedicated Professional

A different type of consulting, 1:1 coaching that will help you create and manage your own sales compensation program.  With our expertise, we can guide and assist you in plan management or help you in the design process to build appropriate plans for your business.  Explore how we can help you achieve your business objectives by scheduling a session today. No commitment & No contract.


Why Choose Our Sales Comp Solutions?

At Sales Comp Academy, we know that sales compensation is somewhat of a gray area for most businesses.  Some companies pay too much, some pay to little and the corresponding revenue is not always in line.  That is why our comprehensive sales compensation solutions are crafted to not only empower your sales team, but also enable you to achieve business objectives.

Achievement-Driven Rewards

Elevate your business with our sales comp training course.  A course expertly designed to guide you in building sales compensation plans that directly align with sales performance, encourage individuals to exceed set quotas and allow you to still meet financial objectives.

Consultants With A Practical Approach

Our experienced sales comp consultants are not only knowledgeable in sales comp best practices, but also have managed sales comp programs firsthand, experiencing the unique challenges you maybe facing right now.  Unlike other consultancies, our ongoing collaboration will ensure plan effectiveness.

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